Friday, December 18, 2009

time for a break

So I am on winter vacation til Monday morning of January 4, 2010. Now I will still be doing my part time gigs - trivia and bartending, but my main gig - teaching - has given me 2 weeks off. There is so much to be done at my house - I really do have to straighten and organize my bedroom. I tend to come home and throw things down and my husband hates it. So it is super important that I get it done. Also I have to remove the rest of the carpet from my bedroom so when we have the money to put our new flooring down, we can act super fast on it. I am so tired of walking on plywood in my house.

Working out at the gym will also be a priority! I will be there everyday (except christmas and new year's when they are closed). Those days I might do the 30 day shred at home.

I will also be trying to spend as much time with my husband as possible. We have both worked so much lately that we don't get to see each other that much. That tends to happen when one person works days and the other works nights.

I plan on also going to the library to pick out a book and will read at least one whole book this winter break. I love to read and for the past 5 months I have not had any time to sit and read at all. So I am committing myself to read at least one book in the next two weeks.

Holiday gifts have been taken care of for everyone except for one person and I just need to take the time to go and get that gift. The gifts are wrapped and under the tree ready to be given out.
Let the Holidays begin!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time to sleep

So I have been very tired lately (past two or three months) and thought it was nothing until I finally gave in and went to the doctor. They did blood work but everything came out fine so my doctor did a referral to a sleep clinic to see if I had sleep apnea.
Last night I went to spend the night and sleep in the clinic. What an experience. The tech procedded to apply sensors all over me! The sensors had to be taped down so she had to put paste in my hair where she was applying it so the tape wouldn't get stuck. I had them stuck to my face, chest, and legs. I looked like quite a sight to see all of these wires attached to me. I was allowed to sleep on my back and turn slightly on my sides, but that was difficult with the wires wrapped around me. All of these monitor your sleep - like what stage sleep you are in and how long you stay there, how much oxygen you are getting, etc... I could have gotten under the covers but thought I would be fine with just the blanket I brought. After a couple of hours the door opened and the nurse proceeded to tell me my body temperature was way up and that she had to put the fan on me to cool me down. After that I think I shivered all night.
I was awoken at 5:30 am (way too early for me) and then the nurse proceeded to pul the sensors off of me. She said I was then ready to leave. I decided to stay and take a shower because I had to get all of this paste out of my hair. It took me 20 minutes just to wash my hair! (and still I get to school and there is still paste in my hair!).
I was told someone would call me to give me my results. If I do have sleep apnea I have to come back and do this again this week , but this time with a mask on my face. I would really like to know why I have been so tired all the time, but the idea of having to wear a mask to bed for the rest of my life does not appeal to me and probably wouldn't appeal to my husband either.
Has anyone been through this before?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

How lovely!

So I have been dying for one of these.. something simple that I can wear as a little reminder of my wedding day. My colors were purple and black and to have our initials and wedding date hand stamped on it is a wonderful little reminder of the most important day for me. It is made by Lauren Nicole Gifts and can be found here.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Not pretty in person

So I hinted that hubby needed to read my blog (so he could happen to see what I wanted for Christmas). He was asking for the links to "clarify". Well the other day I happen to walk into Macy's and find the purse I wanted. Okay - it was not very pretty in person! Very disappointed. Hubby said he hasn't bought anything yet, so I told him forget the purse. It looked better on the computer screen. Now I have to find a couple of other things to put on my list...... off to browse.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A small list for Santa

Dear Santa (aka hubby),

You probably won't read this because I don't think you read my blog at all. But by chance you do here is what I want for Christmas....

1.This Jessica Simpson Sasha Satchel in Rubio (found here at macy's and it is on sale right now!)

2. A clarasonic mia -this is a facial cleansing system for my face to make it nice and smooth. This is the smallest and cheapest of the clarasonics. It can be found here or here.

Now I don't expect both or even one since we said we would just do a couple of little things (and that you don't read my blog), but since you asked what I want for Christmas - here it is.

Now I know I haven't been that good this year, but if you are willing to overlook it that would be great!

Best Wife
P.S. You can go wrong with Target gift cards either.

3 down...

....47 more to go! Not bad for my first week. Let me tell you I have been certainly getting a workout! I am quite sore after each one! But I like these muscle confusion workouts. I might only be doing cardio for 20 minutes, bu I am working - that is for sure.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new start...

So yesterday I started this program called Body For Life. My husband recommended it to me. He had heard some good things about it from friends, so I went to the bookstore to pick it up. It is written by Bill Phillips. Here is the website. When I went online and also opened the book I was amazed to see all the transformations! Wow!

Anyways, I have never really planned a workout. I usually go into the gym and just pick out things to do. Here you need to plan out what you are doing. MWF - you do strength training workouts - it was supposed to take 45 minutes and I finished in 30 min. THS - you do 20 min aerobic training. You can't beat 20 minutes! And Sunday is your free day and cheat day!

So I did my upper body yesterday - and I certainly felt the burn! and even my cardio today was challenging! I am looking forward to continuing this program and letting you know my results. My overall goal is to lose 50 pounds. I will weigh myself every Monday morning and let you know how I move towards my goal. My husband is rewarding me as I move towards my goal to help with my motivation, so I am pretty excited about that!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Body for Life?

Has anyone had experience with the Body for Life program? Please let me know. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I am still here..

Last week was a rough week for me at school. Another difficult child was placed in my class because he was disrupting the class he was in. Again I got dumped on. I really wanted to cry the whole week. By Friday I found out they were putting the child in a different school. Relief! Yesterday was so much easier! It is amazing what how much of a difference one child makes!
Anyway, right now I am hurting! I went to an extreme fitness class today. It has been about 5 months since I have been to the class and it has changed a lot! Usually it is high energy cardio and today it was mostly weights. I am so sore! I know I will have a hard time moving tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mark Flip for it Giveaway!

Time for a giveaway! This is for the Mark flip for it in Urban Neutrals - 2 eyeshadows, one blush, and 4 lip colors!

To enter, go to my website here and come back and comment on what your favorite item might be - 1 entry

2nd entry - become a follower

3rd entry - post about the giveaway

and for an additional 10 entries you can purchase something off the website.

The giveaway will end October 25, 2009.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My lil man!

Just look at this face! My little Martini in his pumpkin t-shirt! He is saying, "Mom, stop taking pictures of me!"

Monday, October 12, 2009

Date night!

So my husband told me that he was going to take me out to dinner tonight. Then around 5 pm he called and canceled. He told me to just come home. So I was a bit disappointed. But then I come home to this - a romantic candlelight dinner with roses and wine! Love hubby!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


What a week! School has been very stressful. I received a new student in my class two weeks ago and I spend 85% of my time dealing with her. She will just go up to another student and slap them or try to fight with me. She won't sit for longer than 30 seconds to do work or even play a game. I have been so stressed about it that Wednesday I woke up and couldn't move my neck and shoulders.It was quite painful. But thanks to a few people with great hands, I can move again without pain.
I am just so happy it is the weekend. I went and did a walk for the homeless this morning, washed my car, scrubbed my bathroom, gave myself a pedicure, and now laying here watching SEC football. So happy that I get to watch the VOLS play tonight on tv! Well I am off to take a nap! I love weekends!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am feeling better

So I am definitely starting to feel a lot better than last week. I learned a lot about myself Friday night during the race. It was a great race because the neighborhood that puts it on pretty much throws a big party to cheer on the runners. I mean like every five houses you pass a party. People are sitting outside with noisemakers cheering you on. Four miles is a lot for me and I started to think it would never end. I have always thought if I enter a race, that would mean I would have to run the whole thing without stopping. I thought that if I even stopped to walk once then I had failed my goal. I finally realized after this race that it was o.k. to stop and walk and catch my breath every once in a while and that I was not failing or cheating myself. After the week I had I could have easily not have gone. But I went and did my best. And even better I am continuing the running group.
15 people are training for the half marathon. That is not something I want to accomplish at this point in my life. There are four of us who will have modified runs at the same time (we will only run between 3 - 5 miles). I am definitely o.k. with that. It gets me out of bed at 5:15 in the morning knowing that others are getting up also to meet me. I may be at the back of the group (and a block back) but that is o.k. I am getting up and doing it and that is all that matters.

My husband has given me a little nutrition help on what he thinks will help with weight loss. So plain oatmeal in the morning, and chicken and vegetables for both lunch and dinner. This is very hard for me. I like chicken but eating it all the time is hard. He did this diet when had to lose weight for his bodybuilding competition and the weight fell off of him. He is convinced it will work for me. I will try it our for a couple of weeks to see how well it works. All I know is that I have lost 2 pounds I think. My scale may be lying.

Anyway I manage to lose control over my personal checking acct. and had to give all control of money to my husband. This is the hardest thing! I used to be able to buy whatever and whenever. Now I am on an allowance and it is no fun! That means I need to stay away from Target for a bit since I can not go in and buy just one thing. Hopefully I will learn that I don't need to spend every dime I have just because it is there and that I have to learn to spread the money out for my neccessities like gas. wish me luck!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I did it! I finished the cooper young 4 miler in 57:30. Not bad. It was super fun race. I even decided to continue my running program!

Friday, September 18, 2009

in a funk

So I haven't been myself lately. I don't know how I got into this funk but I am there. I haven't been this depressed in several years. I can't seem to think any postive thoughts. I cry at the drop of a hat. I am just really unhappy with myself. I know that I need to make some changes but not sure where to start. I know I have a lot to think about and I am not to good at this soul searching stuff. My 4 mile race is tonight and I am a little fearful of how I will do. I fear that I will fail. Sorry for such a downer of a post, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thank you for all your kind words. I have come down stairs twice thinking she will be there. But I know she is feeling great, no longer hurting and playing with her brother and cousin up in doggie heaven.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Rest in Peace..

What a day it has been! I am drained. My poor baby girl Maggie Mae passed away this morning. She has been sick for a while and these past to days had been really bad for her. This morning my husband and I took her to the vet to stop all the pain and suffering.=(
I miss you tons already!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My favorite time of year!


This is my favorite place in Tennessee!

The pride of Tennessee!

Tennessee's favorite former player

I get chills when they run through the power T!

Our motto!


Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did I go?

So this is my 100th post and I really don't have a lot to post about. I haven't written anything in about a week, but I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow.

I am still doing the running program but had to miss on Tuesday due to school open house, overslept on wed (missed that one), and then missed thursday because hubby and I had a rough day and started having adult beverages at 4pm (we were in bed by 6:45 - so sad). I had an ok run Sat. morning but it was so humid that it was like torture for me. I have been so busy that it is hard for me to catch a nap, and sometimes I try to stay up late to see hubby when he gets home from work.

So this morning (after having very crazy dreams) I hit my snooze button on my alarm. Five minutes later I was dragging out of bed. I stood in front of the mirror and tried to convince myself to go back to bed. I really wanted to go back to bed. So standing in my very dark bathroom I saw a faint image of my body and I really thought I had gained 200 pounds over night. Seriously. I had to run now that I gained 200 pounds. So I turn on the light and realized I hadn't gained 200 pounds (thank goodness) but still not pleased to see myself. I get dressed and get in the car to drive over to the gym when I see my running group already turning the block. I realize it was the 5:45am group (which is my group - we have to leave early because we run so slow), but I thought they had discontinued the 2 groups and that we were going to run as one group at 6am. SO now I am bummed because I have to run with the fast people. Like they are really fast for beginners. At 6am we take off (or they take off because they are so fast and I am like a block behind everyone). After 10 minutes I could barely run and walk. I really did turn around and limp back to my car. I wanted to cry.I think I seriously psyched myself out of a decent run starting when I hit the snooze button.

I know I have come a long way since I started in july, but it is so hard for me to see it. The 4 mile race is in 3 weeks and sometimes I wonder if I can achieve my goal (to run the whole race - don't care a thing about my time). I know they say that every run is different and some are going to be good and some are going to be bad, but all of mine have been bad.

I know my weight has a lot to do with it (I have gained weight since starting - all I do is crave food). I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers starting Wed. I realize I can't do it myself even though I have the tools to. I am tired of looking the way I do. All I want to do is look in a mirror and be proud of myself instead of avoiding them. I want to put cute clothes on instead of the same 3 outfits because they fit the most comfortably.
I have some seriously planning to do. I can't afford a personal trainer. Knowing that I have to meet with someone would get me to the gym. I have to sit down and look at my schedule and try to fit in workouts and make myself accountable. I have to figure out what would motivate me to write down all of the calories I consume. I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

post #99

What a week! It was a rough week at school due to the air conditioning going out again and my room flooding 5 times. no fun! I did get my car back on Wednesday - thank goodness - not having a car that has working air is miserable in this Memphis heat.

Luckily I go to spend some time with my hubby Tuesday night and Thursday night. I have needed to go out and have a few drinks and boy, did I ! We did have some fun!

I am still running, but Thursday's run was pretty bad. In the middle of my run my stomach started to hurt so bad and then I had a panic attack when I realized how far I was from a restroom. I had to stop and walk and try to change what was on my mind so I could make it back to the gym. I was miserable the whole way back! No fun!

Friday, August 14, 2009

a blogaversary already?

Tomorrow is my one year blogaversary! I can't believe it has been one year. I started the blog to document my wedding plan processas to talk about me in the wife in training mode. Now I am a married woman who has met so many people through blogging. I absolutely love reading your blogs! Some of us are even planning on meeting for a Memphis area bloggers night at a local restaurant in September. I am looking forward to it very much.

I am still in my running program. My coaches have discovered that I tend to run on my toes which cause my shins to hurt so bad! So I am having to learn how to speed up because the faster I run the more my body corrects itself. Would never have know that if I was doing this by myself.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new bag!

I just got this new bag in grey for $14.99!!! I love it! I am using it for my laptop!

Click here to get it! Then go to last chance to locate it.

summer is over

What a week it was! I worked so hard in my classroom to get it ready and remember there was no air but I got it finished at 3pm on friday. Friday morning we went for our run and not only were my shins burning, my toes were going numb, and I could barely flex my foot. My shins have been taking a pounding on these runs. One of my running coaches insisted that I not run on saturday. He said I couldn't even walk while everyone runs. S0 I stayed home and took advil and iced my shins. I have been doing that all weekend. I am taking another day of rest on Monday due to the fact that my ac doesn't work in my car and i have to drop it off at the dealership. no air in the classroom and the car! what did I do to deserve this?
Anyway school starts tomorrow so my summer is officially over:( So sad!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a very long day

When I started this running program I didn't want to miss one single session. I had to miss today =(. Today was school registration and I was there all day long - from 8 -8! Luckily I had a feeling my principal wouldn't let me leave so I woke up early , went to the gym, and got on the treadmill for my run. I am very proud of myself - I could have easily skipped it.
Anyway this week is Teacher inservice where we have meetings and very little time to put together our classroom. My air conditioner is broken (lucky me!) and trying to unpack and move furniture in a very hot classroom is miserable. I can only stand to be in there for about 30 minutes at a time. Which means I am not getting a lot accomplished! Oh well. All I have to say is I am so glad to be home with my feet up in a cool house getting love from Martini - he missed his mommy!

Friday, July 31, 2009

so it is 4pm and I just got home to realize I have been wearing two different shoes all day long. It has been that kind of day...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the birthday girl

Today is my 32nd birthday and my husband is working, so we celebrated last night. We had 5:30 dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant Cafe 1912. Well we get a phone call at 4pm saying the restaurant was closed for the night. The chef's wife was having a baby. My husband was so disappointed because he had planned some surprises for me. He ran out and came back 5 minutes later with roses he had arranged to be put on the table. He had also planned a special dessert for me - chocolate chip pancakes (it is my favorite!) I cried when I heard how he had been planning all of this. I love him so much for trying to make my birthday special.
We ended up going to his restaurant for my birthday.
Today we went to Putt putt to play skeeball and basketball. we did a best of 7 series. He won but I did give him some competition! I love skeeball! Then he took me to Perkins and I had my chocolate chip pancakes. It was yummy!
I had gotten some Target gift cards for my birthday so I went to Target to buy some things for me! I got 3 shirts and a cute spa bath wrap.
After eating so much in the past 24 hours I certainly could not pass up my run! Another walk run for 2 miles with my running group and now icing my knees and shins!
Kinda sad the birthday is almost over

Monday, July 27, 2009

past few days

Saturday we went running down at Harbortown along the Mississippi River. The breeze felt great. Afterwards My mom and I went to Red Lobster for some snow crab legs. Yummy! Later that night I met my friend Jessica at Folk's Folly for champagne and appetizers to celebrate my birthday. We ended up at Brookhaven a little bit later for some more celebratory drinks!
Sunday was pretty uneventful. Today I woke up at 5 for another run. This time we ran 90 seconds/walk 90 seconds,etc... My legs certainly tightened up today. Later on my in laws are making lunch for me while I meet my family for dinner. It was just easier for everyone to celebrate my birthday today instead of tomorrow.Still can't believe I am turning 32.... still wish I was 25!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 4 and then rest

I had a good run on Thursday, but it was definitely harder due to the sun. I was lucky to have a rest day today. I probably could have tried to run by myself, but the last thing I want to do is injur myself and not be able to complete this 8 week program. I really am enjoying running alongside other people! Tomorrow morning Our group is headed down to Harbortown to run along the Mississippi River. I am looking forward to a change of scenery. Also tomorrow starts my big 4 day birthday weekend celebration! Woo hoo! 3 more days to celebrate being 31then it's time to get older!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

day 3 .. wet again

I woke up around 5:25 this morning to get ready for my run. I really didn't want to run. I was a little sore and very tired! But again we went running 2 miles in the rain. Luckily the rain wasn't coming down hard. I am so tired. sore, and tight! i am laying on the couch now icing my poor knees!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

day 2 - rain, rain go away

So it has been pouring down rain all day today here in Memphis. It finally stopped around 5:45 pm so we went on with our run today. 5 minutes in in started to rain , but it was misting. After another 5 minutes it was pouring down rain. It felt so good, but water kept on running down my face so I was constantly wiping it to get the water out of my eyes. But I finished 1.5 miles walking and running in the pouring rain. Now I say that is some dedication!

and the winner is.....

So I have started to sell Mark products recently, and I just adore them! Their products are fabulous and the price tag is even better! If you would like to visit my store, you can click here to visit! Now for my birthday giveaway #2. My 32nd birthday is July 28th and I wanted other to get goodies like me! I have cut out my entries... now mixing them I just have to close my eyes and pick one.... and the winner is of the oh so cute mark lip gloss kit is....

Whitney!!!! Congrats! Please contact me so I can get your address!
Thank you all for entering!

Monday, July 20, 2009

day 1 - couch to 4 miler

I can't believe I woke up at 5:25am during my summer vacation to go run! Honestly it wasn't that bad getting up that early. I would have preferred sleeping in until 10am, but I need to do this program. Today was day 1 of the couch to 4miler. It is an 8 week program where beginners go from run/ walk to running 4 miles. I felt like signing up for this and knowing that there are people who are in the same boat as me would motivate me more to get out and run. 25 people showed up this morning. We started out with a 5 minute warm up then ran 60 seconds, walked 90 seconds (8 times) then cooled down for 5 minutes and stretched. It was a bit hard - my shins really tightened up. They had 3 running coaches with us. One up front, one in the middle and one in the back. As they ran and walked along with us, they asked how we were feeling and if anything hurt. They made suggestions on how to land on my heel instead of the middle of my foot. It was hard at first then my shins began to loosen. I really felt great realizing that my workout was finished for the day and it was only 6:45am. They gave us a book of what we will be doing for the rest of the 8 weeks. This whole week we will continue to run 60 seconds and walk 90 seconds. The running coaches said even if it gets too easy continue the plan - it will make you a stronger runner. I am really looking forward to tomorrow's 6pm run. I can't skip. If you know me then you know if I skip one time it turns into skipping a whole bunch more. It's kind of like college!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

And the winner is...

Ok, so here it goes...I have cut up all of the entries and put them in a pot. The lucky winner of Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book is Shanna! Congrats! I will send you an email about getting this book to you! (let me just copy down a few recipes! hee! hee!) And thank you to all of you who entered!

Don't forget Birthday giveaway #2! I will draw a name on Tuesday!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 loves

Happiness is tagged me to list some of my 10 loves!
10. Chocolate - seriously I am addicted! I love it!
9. Reading a good book! Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella, and Jen Lancaster.
8.Dining out -i love going to try new restaurants here in Memphis with my hubby!
7.Tennessee Football! Soon I will hear "It's Football Time in Tennessee!" Go Big Orange!
6.Spa Products -I love to treat my body to new things!
5. Taking naps - Nothing is better than getting in bed and taking a really good 2 hour nap that my body has been really needing!
4.Traveling - I love getting away and escaping my life even if it is for a few days!
3.Making something- I love to be craftsy, but I can never ins the time!
2. My furry babies -Martini (my little chihuahua), maggie mae, and Simba! I love hoe Martini snuggles with me!
1. My new husband! - I love you baby! You are the greatest! I look forward to growing old with you!
p.s. check my previos post for my 2 birthday giveaways!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthday giveaway #2!!

So here is birthday giveaway #2...

Lipgloss set from Mark

These glosses are so creamy! I love them!

To enter:

For one entry, click here to visit the mark store and and then post a comment and tell me what your favorite item might be.

For a second entry, become a follower.

For an additional five entries, place an order on the site. (make sure you let me know if you placed an order!)

The giveaway will end on the 20th! And I will post the winner on the 21st!

Monday, July 13, 2009

time to run

Last time I planned on doing a running event, I came down with a kidney infection and strep throat at the same time! So I decided I wasn't ready since it took me so long to recover. But I through this program Get Moving Memphis, I found this awesome couch to 4 miler program!
It start next Monday!
Running times:
Monday 6am, Tuesday 6pm, Wednesday 6am, Thursday 6pm, and Saturday 8am
This program goes for 8 weeks and concludes with the Cooper Young 4 mile run. We start our walking/ running as we build up to 4 miles. I am so excited because this is perfect for me! Plus me attempting to run 5 days a week has to drop off a few pounds, right?
Now I just need to find a good running shoe that won't cost me an arm and a leg!
Any shoe suggestions?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

meet mark...

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