Saturday, August 7, 2010

It is that time again...

Summer vacation is officially over....for teachers. We reported back for inservice last Monday while here in Memphis the temperature got to 106 degrees with a heat index of 124 (and not all classrooms had their ac working). Special Ed. Teachers had to report to Whitehaven High School on Thursday and for the first 2 hours the ac was not working. I almost left but then realized they do not give the attendance tickets til the very end of the day so my presence wouldn't have been counted. I was not a happy lady.

As some of you know I teach Deaf and Hard of Hearing children. I have taught preschool, first grade, and second grade age children. This year I was assigned to teach third and fourth grade age deaf children. We are the busy bees every year. I always have bee stuff left over so it is easier to stay the same every year. Here are a few pics of my classroom. One thing you won't notice is that all of my teaching materials from previous years are stuffed in those lockers!

It is Saturday and it did not look like this at 8am this morning. Yes I woke up and went to school and worked for another 3 hours. Total of time setting up room = 15 hours
Now I have to go and write lesson plans!