Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Okay, if you are not using ebates to make online purchases you should be! If you don't know what ebates is let me explain. You get cash back on every online purchase. Each store offers a different amount of cash back. For example, vistaprint offers 5% back. So I login to ebates and enter vistaprint in the search box. A box pops up with different coupon codes that you can use for their website.So not only are you getting cash back, you can use coupon codes to save more money. After you make your purchase you should receive an email within the next few days that you are getting cash back. Ebates pays you your cash back through paypal four times a year.
I used ebates to purchase my airplane tickets to Maui last year. I got a nice chunk of change back that pay period. I also use ebates to buy hotel rooms through hotels.com. There are a lot of stores listed through ebates so if you tend to make lots of online purchases then please go sign up and make some money doing what you already do!