Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I promise I am still alive...

I have been in a blogging funk. I do not have anything interesting to write about. I am spending a bit of time at to find appropriate books for my students. I love how amazon has everything and I mean everything! Look what I found! I wouldn't mind having some of these!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

and the winner is....

I am so behind! But after doing a random drawing for the JAWS CLEANING SYSTEM, the winner is.....

Mrs. Chip!

Send me your address so the I can get your prize to you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fitblogger challenge!

My goal is to finish the Just running app that prepares me in a 5k running program, drink at least 6 glasses of water, and to come up with one compliment a day for myself. No more negativity!

JAWS review and giveaway

I was asked to review the JAWS cleaning system. I admit I had never heard of it, but I will take anything to help me clean my house! I am not a fan of cleaning but it has to be done.JAWS stands for Just Add Water System.It is better for the environment, economical, effective, and convienent.
This is what was sent to me - 4 empty spray bottles with 2 refills attached to each bottle and an additional 2 refills for each type of cleaner. There is a bathroom cleaner, a glass and window cleaner, a disinfectant degreaser, and a multipurpose degreaser. Each one is a different color.

Here is it how it works -
You add water to the spray bottle and then add the cartridge refill to it. Once you screw in the top it punctures the cartridge and the solution pours into the water. There is no mess and you are not exposed to the cartridge solutions.

First I started using the glass and window cleaners for my mirrors. It worked great! No streaks!
Then I used the disinfectant cleaner on my sink and other surfaces that gunk can build up on. It takes all the residue off. The bathroom and shower cleaner was just okay. I sprayed a lot of it on my tub and scrubbed but didn't notice a big difference in whitening the tub. The multipurpose cleaner works great when I used it on some spills on the floor.
The JAWS system is great because it produces less waste and you are reusing the spray containers. The price is also nice too! It is cheaper to purchase the JAWS SYSTEM because you get 2 catridges full of solution! To find out more about JAWS - CLICK HERE

But I am rewarding one of my loyal followers with a free JAWS system!
To enter - post a comment on this post about cleaning your house (how often do you do it, do you have any speed tips?,etc..)

you must be a follower!

The givcaway will end Sunday March 6,2011!