Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 loves

Happiness is tagged me to list some of my 10 loves!
10. Chocolate - seriously I am addicted! I love it!
9. Reading a good book! Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella, and Jen Lancaster.
8.Dining out -i love going to try new restaurants here in Memphis with my hubby!
7.Tennessee Football! Soon I will hear "It's Football Time in Tennessee!" Go Big Orange!
6.Spa Products -I love to treat my body to new things!
5. Taking naps - Nothing is better than getting in bed and taking a really good 2 hour nap that my body has been really needing!
4.Traveling - I love getting away and escaping my life even if it is for a few days!
3.Making something- I love to be craftsy, but I can never ins the time!
2. My furry babies -Martini (my little chihuahua), maggie mae, and Simba! I love hoe Martini snuggles with me!
1. My new husband! - I love you baby! You are the greatest! I look forward to growing old with you!
p.s. check my previos post for my 2 birthday giveaways!

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Anonymous said...

TN football! Rocky Top! Every time I hear that song, I get pumped for football time!