Friday, August 21, 2009

post #99

What a week! It was a rough week at school due to the air conditioning going out again and my room flooding 5 times. no fun! I did get my car back on Wednesday - thank goodness - not having a car that has working air is miserable in this Memphis heat.

Luckily I go to spend some time with my hubby Tuesday night and Thursday night. I have needed to go out and have a few drinks and boy, did I ! We did have some fun!

I am still running, but Thursday's run was pretty bad. In the middle of my run my stomach started to hurt so bad and then I had a panic attack when I realized how far I was from a restroom. I had to stop and walk and try to change what was on my mind so I could make it back to the gym. I was miserable the whole way back! No fun!


Perfectly Pleasant said...

Wow, your room isn't have a great week either! I hope your weekend is way better and heres to a SUPER next week :)

Rachel said...

Have a great weekend!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Sounds like school is crazy - hope everything gets worked out with your classroom!

Katie said...

Your room flooded 5 times? Oh no!