Monday, August 31, 2009

Where did I go?

So this is my 100th post and I really don't have a lot to post about. I haven't written anything in about a week, but I have been keeping up with the blogs I follow.

I am still doing the running program but had to miss on Tuesday due to school open house, overslept on wed (missed that one), and then missed thursday because hubby and I had a rough day and started having adult beverages at 4pm (we were in bed by 6:45 - so sad). I had an ok run Sat. morning but it was so humid that it was like torture for me. I have been so busy that it is hard for me to catch a nap, and sometimes I try to stay up late to see hubby when he gets home from work.

So this morning (after having very crazy dreams) I hit my snooze button on my alarm. Five minutes later I was dragging out of bed. I stood in front of the mirror and tried to convince myself to go back to bed. I really wanted to go back to bed. So standing in my very dark bathroom I saw a faint image of my body and I really thought I had gained 200 pounds over night. Seriously. I had to run now that I gained 200 pounds. So I turn on the light and realized I hadn't gained 200 pounds (thank goodness) but still not pleased to see myself. I get dressed and get in the car to drive over to the gym when I see my running group already turning the block. I realize it was the 5:45am group (which is my group - we have to leave early because we run so slow), but I thought they had discontinued the 2 groups and that we were going to run as one group at 6am. SO now I am bummed because I have to run with the fast people. Like they are really fast for beginners. At 6am we take off (or they take off because they are so fast and I am like a block behind everyone). After 10 minutes I could barely run and walk. I really did turn around and limp back to my car. I wanted to cry.I think I seriously psyched myself out of a decent run starting when I hit the snooze button.

I know I have come a long way since I started in july, but it is so hard for me to see it. The 4 mile race is in 3 weeks and sometimes I wonder if I can achieve my goal (to run the whole race - don't care a thing about my time). I know they say that every run is different and some are going to be good and some are going to be bad, but all of mine have been bad.

I know my weight has a lot to do with it (I have gained weight since starting - all I do is crave food). I have decided to go back to Weight Watchers starting Wed. I realize I can't do it myself even though I have the tools to. I am tired of looking the way I do. All I want to do is look in a mirror and be proud of myself instead of avoiding them. I want to put cute clothes on instead of the same 3 outfits because they fit the most comfortably.
I have some seriously planning to do. I can't afford a personal trainer. Knowing that I have to meet with someone would get me to the gym. I have to sit down and look at my schedule and try to fit in workouts and make myself accountable. I have to figure out what would motivate me to write down all of the calories I consume. I have a lot of work ahead of me!

Friday, August 21, 2009

post #99

What a week! It was a rough week at school due to the air conditioning going out again and my room flooding 5 times. no fun! I did get my car back on Wednesday - thank goodness - not having a car that has working air is miserable in this Memphis heat.

Luckily I go to spend some time with my hubby Tuesday night and Thursday night. I have needed to go out and have a few drinks and boy, did I ! We did have some fun!

I am still running, but Thursday's run was pretty bad. In the middle of my run my stomach started to hurt so bad and then I had a panic attack when I realized how far I was from a restroom. I had to stop and walk and try to change what was on my mind so I could make it back to the gym. I was miserable the whole way back! No fun!

Friday, August 14, 2009

a blogaversary already?

Tomorrow is my one year blogaversary! I can't believe it has been one year. I started the blog to document my wedding plan processas to talk about me in the wife in training mode. Now I am a married woman who has met so many people through blogging. I absolutely love reading your blogs! Some of us are even planning on meeting for a Memphis area bloggers night at a local restaurant in September. I am looking forward to it very much.

I am still in my running program. My coaches have discovered that I tend to run on my toes which cause my shins to hurt so bad! So I am having to learn how to speed up because the faster I run the more my body corrects itself. Would never have know that if I was doing this by myself.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My new bag!

I just got this new bag in grey for $14.99!!! I love it! I am using it for my laptop!

Click here to get it! Then go to last chance to locate it.

summer is over

What a week it was! I worked so hard in my classroom to get it ready and remember there was no air but I got it finished at 3pm on friday. Friday morning we went for our run and not only were my shins burning, my toes were going numb, and I could barely flex my foot. My shins have been taking a pounding on these runs. One of my running coaches insisted that I not run on saturday. He said I couldn't even walk while everyone runs. S0 I stayed home and took advil and iced my shins. I have been doing that all weekend. I am taking another day of rest on Monday due to the fact that my ac doesn't work in my car and i have to drop it off at the dealership. no air in the classroom and the car! what did I do to deserve this?
Anyway school starts tomorrow so my summer is officially over:( So sad!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a very long day

When I started this running program I didn't want to miss one single session. I had to miss today =(. Today was school registration and I was there all day long - from 8 -8! Luckily I had a feeling my principal wouldn't let me leave so I woke up early , went to the gym, and got on the treadmill for my run. I am very proud of myself - I could have easily skipped it.
Anyway this week is Teacher inservice where we have meetings and very little time to put together our classroom. My air conditioner is broken (lucky me!) and trying to unpack and move furniture in a very hot classroom is miserable. I can only stand to be in there for about 30 minutes at a time. Which means I am not getting a lot accomplished! Oh well. All I have to say is I am so glad to be home with my feet up in a cool house getting love from Martini - he missed his mommy!