Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Verizon iphone ? yes, please!

Feb. 3rd I am ordering the new Verizon iphone. My Blackberry storm is dying a slow death, and I look forward to a fast, fresh new face!
Please tell me - what are your favorite apps?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Willow House

Have you ever heard of Willow House? The company used to be Southern Living at Home. They have the most beautiful pieces to access your home. I am hosting a Willow House blog party right here! All you have to do is click on the button that says shop online. What I love about shopping online is that there is an OUTLET section! This is where some of your favorite Willow House items are on sale for great prices!!!! If you purchase through this link, another deal you get is that if you purchase a $40 item or more, your second $40+ item is HALF OFF!

When purchasing, you need to put me as the hostess - Lori M. - to receive this deal! Let me know if you are interested in purchasing anything so I can help if needed.

Look at some of my favorites -

Gramercy Quadruple Java Snack dish -on sale for $12.96!

Cottage Garden Bowl with stand - on sale for $21.96!!!

So it doesn't hurt to just look....... Willow House

Friday, January 7, 2011

It is 2011!

How time flies!! My winter break went by very quick, but I tried to spend a lot of my time relaxing and reading. I did work some but I also read 6 books in 2 weeks. Now it back to reality of working my 4 jobs. Alot was accomplished last year including a new roof and a new fence. Now all that is left is new flooring upstairs. Once this is done, the number of jobs I work will be decreasing. Woo hoo! I am super excited about having more time for myself and my family.

Lately I have been forcing myself to go to the gym. I go ahead and take my gym bag with me and get it done because if I go home I am not going back out. I really would like to get into running more. I would love to have a goal of maybe running a half marathon, but all the training schedules start out with running 3 miles which I can not do. So, first thing is to train for a 5k, then maybe a 10k, and if I survive that I will look into a half marathon. Now I just need to get a few more ice packs for my knees and legs for after my runs.