Sunday, January 29, 2012

So it has been 4 months...

I am such a bad blogger. I admit my life is very hectic because I work A LOT! When I am off of work and at home I am probably sleeping. I have been physically exhausted. Even my students have been mentioning how tired I look.
Besides for working not a whole lot has been going on. In November my husband and I took a long vacation. We flew to Maui, spent 8 days in Maui, flew to Vegas and spent a whole day and night there before coming home. While we were there we attended the 2011 Maui Invitational Basketball Tournament to watch the Tennessee Vols and Memphis Tigers play. I had to cheer on my alma mater Tennessee while my husband is a big Memphis tiger fan.
Here are some pics of our trip!

1st drink at the airport
View from our condo
my one and only mai tai - $10 was too much to pay
my view from a run

my outfit to cheer on my Tennessee VOLS!
sun hat from
Tennessee vs. Duke

We went strolling at an outdoor shopping area. I went to look at a restaurant's menu and found my husband in this store.

I started crying when he told me to pick out what I want. I knew it was something we could really afford, but he insisted and even tried to pick one out for me. I decided on the Monogram speedy 30.

Tennessee vs. Memphis

Tennessee vs. Chaminade


The view from Lahaina

ridiculous gas prices

Fruity drinks

We visited the North Shore to watch the surfers!

The most expensive appetizer I have ever had! $24

Sorry my photos are a little all over the place. I had so much trouble uploading them.

More blog posts are coming and even a giveaway!