Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 days...

Why does 100 days seem so much longer than saying 3 months and 10 days? I figured I had to post on the 100th day! Plane tickets have been booked, hotel rooms have been reserved, everything else is pretty much done except for finding a place to have dinner after the wedding. The reason why we wanted to go away was to kepp costs and stress down. The restaurants in the hotel have fixed menus that are a little more than we were hoping to spend. So now I will have to search for a restaurant not in a hotel but close enough for people to get to without spending a fortune on a cab ride.. Anyone know of a good restaurant in Vegas?


Monday, December 1, 2008

103 days...

This is the chapel at Mandalay Bay where I am getting married! Isn't it gorgeous?

Plane tickets have been bought ..check.. hotel rooms have been reserved..check..

So I think the hardest part of this wedding planning process is deciding what to do with my hair! Any suggestions for a halter neckline? We still have to decide where to go and eat after the wedding. There are plenty of restaurants but we don't want to spend$120 a person to eat dinner. I guess I will be doing some research on finding a location and a decent menu. Music has been picked out for the ceremony and purple calla lilies will be the flowers for the wedding.

My to do list -

1. Decide hair style and decide who will do it

2. Write processonal for wedding coordinator

3. Make programs

4. pick out restaurant and menu

5.and I who know what else I am missing....