Saturday, October 3, 2009


What a week! School has been very stressful. I received a new student in my class two weeks ago and I spend 85% of my time dealing with her. She will just go up to another student and slap them or try to fight with me. She won't sit for longer than 30 seconds to do work or even play a game. I have been so stressed about it that Wednesday I woke up and couldn't move my neck and shoulders.It was quite painful. But thanks to a few people with great hands, I can move again without pain.
I am just so happy it is the weekend. I went and did a walk for the homeless this morning, washed my car, scrubbed my bathroom, gave myself a pedicure, and now laying here watching SEC football. So happy that I get to watch the VOLS play tonight on tv! Well I am off to take a nap! I love weekends!


Whitney said...

That sounds so frustrating! Hope you got some good relaxing time in!

Gwen said...

Oh honey. I hope your new trouble student gets comfortable with you and starts behaving. There is nothing worse than a child stressing you out. Sending prayers your way!!! XOXO

Tori Hayes said...

Is this student from another school or from out of town? They always seem to come in the middle of the school year. I feel your pain. I hope it gets better. Love ya!