Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions...

I have never taken the new year's resolutions too seriously. Last year I made a 2008 spark book with things I wanted to accomplish in the different aspects of my life. It looked pretty but eventually it got put away and was forgotten about.
What do I want to accomplish this year...

1. Learn how to sew
2. Learn how to do embroidery by hand
3. Get to the gym more often
4. Organize my bedroom
5. Clean more efficiently
6. Save money
7. Stress less
8. And of course get married!

Now I just need to plan on how I am going to do all of this!


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Nicole Scott-Tate said...

You can do it!
1. Call your local fabric store to see if they offer classes.
2. Buy a video on how to embroider.
3. Circle 1 more gym day to your week on a calendar.
4. Set aside one full day & just do it!
5. Don't clean when you are in a rush.
6. Have your bank take out a set amount every payday from your paycheck to put in a savings account.
7. Hire a wedding planner!
8. :)
I hope this helps. Nice blog by the way.