Monday, January 26, 2009

47 days..and a pink swap surprise!

Tonight was good night. I went and picked up sushi for Todd and me and we enjoyed the "Lori roll" (that is the real name - spicy crawfish topped with smoked salmon and a garlic onion sauce - it is yummy!) and the philly roll along with some Little Penguin Pinot Noir (so good at an even better price!) while we relaxed by the tv. But the best part was when the mail carrier came and left me a surprise!!! Monograms and Manicures coordinated a pink swap and I received my gift from Sarah at Downtown Southern today! I should have taken a pic of me opening it because it was wrapped all cute in green tissue paper with the loveliest pink and white ribbon. But I could not hold out! I had to open my surprises! I received a soft pink fleece blanket (I always have a blanket on me - good call), a pink calendar for my purse, hand cream, lip gloss, twizzlers, maui mint orbit gum (yum!), a magnetic girls night out frame (my bachelorette is feb. 28 - I will be sure to put one of my pics in it!), a very cute damask pink and white frame, and a supersoft pink and white scarf made by Sarah - (I adore this gift - it is so cute and so soft!) Here is a pic of my lovely pink things!!!! Thank you so much, Sarah!!!

Shanna gave me the idea of a new title for my blog - The Life of LT - I like it! Any other ideas???? I can't wait to blog about my real life and not just stressing over a wedding!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you liked everything!!
This was such a fun swap!

And the philly roll is my absolute favorite sushi! I love it with tuna or salmon it is so yummy! :v)
Basically I'm a sucker for anything with cream cheese!


Hey Lori! I found my napkins at Tuesday Morning :)