Friday, January 2, 2009

71 days...

The time is just flying by! I am starting to get a little stressed already which I didn't think could happen with a small destination wedding. Probably because my mother and I are having to find a place for dinner after the wedding by looking at pictures and menus on the internet. Some of the menu choices are not ideal due to people's preferences. I am also trying to limit the menu due to money. I do not want my parents paying an arm and a leg for a dinner even if it is our wedding dinner. Sometimes I think I might just be happy with eating at McDonald's! okay that might be exxagerating a little... Anyway, we are not sure of all the people that are coming. We decided not send invitations out because if we invited some people then others would feel left out. Several friends and family have said they are coming but have not booked flights yet. It is hard to plan a dinner without knowing the number of people that are coming. Especially when we have to pay for half of the dinner up front. Oh well, still looking for the perfect hairstyle... I have looked everywhere for ideas and still nothing jumps out at me! My fiance' have decided on a little challenge about dropping some weight for the wedding. We want to look good in our wedding pictures!
- Lori

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