Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 months! 60 days!!!

I wanted to share a picture of the gift I am giving my 2 bridesmaids -my matron of honor and my maid of honor. They each get a monogrammed quilted travel bag for the trip, earrings for the ceremony, a luggage tag, notepads, flipflops, and travel size products (mouthwash, baby wipes, tissues, q-tips, and advil - we are going to vegas!)

Also,I found something special at Southern Event Planners' little boutique. They have such gorgeous wedding accessories and gifts. It was a gorgeous crystal bouquet. I thought about my bouquet. I could pay a couple hundred dollars for some flowers that will probably wilt and die in a week or I could get this one which will look like this forever! I decided to be different! I got the bouquet and can't wait to display it in our bedroom after the wedding!


greydolphin said...

Love the gift idea! It really looks great...how thoughtful!

The Beaudoins said...

Ooh, we used Southern Event Planners for our wedding! Angela did an amazing job- I wish I could do it again!

I'm jealous- please see if you can fit me in your suitcase to Vegas...