Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's over?

I can't believe the weekend is over! It went way too fast! Yes, I did work the whole entire weekend, but it still went too fast. Don't you wish the weekend consisted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday? My weekends can be so crazy that I need one more day to recover! Yes I could use sick or personal days from work, but as of now I used them from being sick or for the wedding. I believe I have one more sick day and it will be used for the friday of Memphis In May Barbeque Fest. Everyone knows that Thursday night is the best night to go, and I will certainly need Friday to recover! Thank goodness that will be coming up soon! Well I am off to rest my poor tired body and feet!

Everyone - have a great week!


The Rasoul Family said...

Thank you for helping with Lincoln!!!!! My mom sure enjoyed your company! :) Get some rest this week!!!

Shopaholic Blonde said...

Hi Swap girlfriend!!
Cute blog!