Saturday, April 18, 2009

I need a break!

I am so happy it is Saturday. I got a little work done around the house, caught up on some of my TIVO, and took a nap. I am scheduled to work a party tonight. Unfortunately I am not bartending, just serving. Oh well - I need the extra money. It is just so nice to relax on the weekends. My brain doesn't have to work hard! It needs a break. I have to give my students the TCAP (standardized tests) this coming week. I am really not looking forward to it at all. It is so not appropriate for them, but the state requires it. I am a little scared that they will be bubbling in all of the circles. I tried explaining to them that they need to only mark one answer - the best answer. We did a practice test on Friday and they wouldn't mark any at all. They would try to ask me if a certain answer is right. They don't understand I can't tell them the answers. It was so frustrating!


Lindsey said...

Ahh love Saturdays!!

amy (metz) walker said...

Ugh, sorry about your kids! I hate standardized fact, its one of the reasons I've never used my teaching certifications!

Kandice said...

any chance youre close to the university of tennessee? I am! love them too!!