Friday, March 5, 2010

Hubsy time and kindle

I feel like it has been a crazy few weeks, but looking back nothing really changed. Just a lot of work and a lot of stress caused from work. My husband and I have tried to spend as much time together as we can even though it really isn't that much. We have such different work schedules. I even took a day off today to spend the day with him. And I loved sleeping in late!

Anyway I just downloaded Kindle on my blackberry for free last week! Who needs to spend the money on a real kindle? I just put it on my phone and just finished my first free book - Daring Chloe - which I did enjoy! I realized that the free books change so I need to check every week to see what is free! Anyone recommend any good books I can try?


Katie said...

Kindle on your blackberry??? I NEED that! How do I find it??

Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Seems like everyone is reading it these days, but I'm in the middle of The Help and it's an engrossing, quick read.

Amy Lynn said...

That's so cool! How do I get Kindle on my BB?