Saturday, March 27, 2010

anniversary recap

Recently my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I can't believe how time flies. We decided to celebrate my going out of town with some friends. We went to Hot Springs, Arkansas and stayed at The Arlington Hotel. It is a very old hotel that was a favorite of Al Capone's. We ate well, drank well, and even watched some horse racing at Oaklawn Park. We finished the trip with much needed massages in the bathhouse. We really had such a good time!

Now I am on spring break from school and plan on doing some spring cleaning, reading, running, and spending time with the husband. This is a much needed break from work!


SouthernBelleJM said...

Oooooh, let me know your thoughts on The Arlington. I have heard so many mixed reviews as well as read the reviews on the net. I remember as a kid that hotel being SUPER nice. I was thinking of doing a weekend getaway there this Summer for LC and I.

Gwen said...

What a fun trip!!! Happy Anniversary and enjoy your spring break!! XOXO