Monday, May 11, 2009


So I am not using any of my WW weekly points til Thursday for Memphis in May's International Barbeque Cooking Contest! I think Thursday night is the best night to go because it is not as crowded. The key to having a great time at bbqfest is knowing people who have booths. We know people at several booths. I actually work part time bartending for Hogwild / A Moveable feast catering. They have got a great booth where they feed us on Thursday. And of course who can forget the drinks! There is always plenty of drinks and yummy bbq! And it has rained so much here in Memphis this month I will definitely be wearing my cute navy blue and pink rain boots to walk aroung in the mud! I will definitely show pics on Friday!

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Rachel said...

I love BBQ! Must be my fathers southern roots (he is from Memphis and even though I live in Ohio I've been brought up on pulled pork and hush puppies!).

Love your blog and tagged you in my latest post: