Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Yay! Rachel from and if it is a hero that you want , I can save you tagged me as an awe-summm person! Thanks!
The rules: List seven things that make me awe-summm and then pass the award on to seven other people who I think are fabulously awe-summm!!

1.I have been teaching deaf children now for eight years! I truly think some of them are my babies!

2. I love to spend time with my new husband Mr. M and my furry babies - Maggie Mae, Martini, and Simba!

3. I work more jobs than a normal person - 1 full time, and 4 part time! Got to pay debt off!

4.I love to travel! I have been to France, Spain, bermuda, Hawaii, Mexico, Cayman Islands,all over the US! Places that I have been really wanting to go - Italy and Wine country in California!

5.I am a great listener! Any one have problems I am here to listen!

6. I love being crafty! I want to learn how to do everything! It is a shame that hobbies like sewing can get a little expensive!

7. I truly like making others happy!

Now I tag -
1. Shanna
2. Sweet Tea
3. Preppy 101
4. Gwen
5. Jen
6. Tori
7. Southern Starlet


Rachel said...

Very awesome! :)

Gwen said...

You are AWE-SUMMM!!!! I'm posting my list in a few and thank you so much for the award!!! I actually have the award photo that I found on another blog and I'm going to post it if you want to put it on yours too. :) It's super cute and pink. LOL!!! XOXO

The Rasoul Family said...

Oh thanks! I will post mine now! I don't know 7 people(with blogs) though to post, does that make me not so aw-summm now???? :)

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of jobs! Thanks for the tip about couponmom.com :)

Whitney said...

Loved this!

Anonymous said...

So fun! I am posting this since you tagged me. I have to think of things that make me awe-summm...

And btw, I just have to say how much I love your town. I came to Memphis in October for a conference and fell in love. I'm definitely coming back when I move to Mississippi. I'll only be 4 or so hours away!