Monday, March 23, 2009

back to reality...

We arrived home last night and now I am sitting at work! Yuck! Happy to be home but not happy to be at work! I am still on Pacific time, so all I want to do is crawl into bed right now and sleep for 4 hours. Anyway,so the night before we went to Vegas I left my phone at my favorite store Target. They called and said they had it, but I let them know our flight left early the next morning (before the store opened up again) andwe would have to pick it up later. My mom came back into town and i sent her to Target to pick it up. It was nowhere to be found! Not in the safe, not in the lost and found! The girl my mom met with said she was the one that called and she had it in her hand late Wednesday night. Now it is gone! They said they would check the video at guest services, but everytime I call no one knows a thing about it! So today I will venture over there to talk to someone in person. Luckily I had an extra phone but there are no numbers! I am lost! I realize it was my fault for leaving my phone, but then they called and said they had it and now they can't locate it. What do you think?

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