Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day gifts

Due to the fact that we are saving for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon in Vegas, Mr. M and I went low key on gifts.... very low key..

I got Mr. M (drum roll please..)... a 12 pack of Tab! - He is addicted to the stuff and we were out out of it. He was actually very pleased to get it. I know it is a pretty sad gift but he loved it so that is what matters!

He gave me a stuffed dalmation dressed up as a fireman and when you press the paw it starts to sing"Fire" and flash you his fireman boxers! He wanted to give me a gift that would remind me of him!I t is pretty funny!

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The Rasoul Family said...

And no where does she mention the brownie from Lincoln and the date night with me & Lincoln! haha!!!