Saturday, February 28, 2009

14 days, a bachelorette party and mother nature is not helping!

So I woke up this morning and got my hair highlighted, cut and styled. It is awesome! I absolutely love it and Mr. M loves it too! Anyway so the day goes on and all of a sudden it starts pouring! Then it turns into sleet! And now my bachelorette party is 3 hours away and it is snowing really hard out! And we are supposed to get like 3 inches of snow!=( so much for going downtown tonight!


The Rasoul Family said...

Look at that negativity!!! We got 8 inches and we DID MAKE IT DOWNTOWN! YAY!

I had a great time last night & I know everyone else did too!

Hope you are recovering well! :)

Tara Gibson said...

hope you guys had fun! looks like you did make it out!!!