Sunday, February 5, 2012

My husband brought something home...

December 1st I got a phone call from my husband saying he was bringing something home. The way he said it had me a little scared. Then he told me what happened. One of his employees is known for taking in stray animals. The wife had gotten home and pulled into the driveway. When she got out of the car she noticed something out of the corner of her eye by the mailbox. It had been raining a lot lately so there was mud and wet leaves everywhere. But over by the mailbox was perfectly clean and dry little white puppy. Someone had literally dropped the puppy off in the yard. They already have 8 dogs so they decided bringing a puppy in would be a challenge. So he brought it up to work and my husband fell in love with this little girl.
We named her Lola Belle.
Look at those eyes!

Sleepy girl!

Her hair makes her look so much bigger than she really is!

Right after her first groomer appt. Her bows didn't last an hour in her hair.

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