Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another thing crossed off my list...

I have been staring at these for the past 2 years ever since we pulled up the carpet. Yes, I know it is hideous. It was the first thing you would see if you came into my house.

We decided it was time to spend the money and get them fixed. This is my Christmas gift from my husband.

Isn't it so much better?!!! But wait! Here is the finished product!

I am in love!!!!!


Kori Donahue said...

Wow those are gorgeous! Have a fabulous night!

Have you entered my 2 year blogoversary giveaway yet? It's amazing!


Kori xoxo

Whitney said...

How wonderful!! Looks great!

SouthernBelleJM said...

looks great:)

The Beaudoins said...

They're gorgeous- like something straight out of Southern Living!

Mrs. Smith said...

Holy heck those look awesome!!