Monday, May 23, 2011

So much to do with so little funds...

Things that have to be done to our house -
1. paint the outside of the house ($2500)

2. cut down part of neighbors' trees that are about to touch our roof ($500)

3.Landscaping ($325)

4.Flooring ($4000) - we ripped up our carpet a year and a half ago. We have been walking around on plywood ever since. We rescued a dog several months ago and are struggling with house training. This is keeping us from getting our new floor.

School is out in 2 days then I start working summer school. Summer school will pay for #1. Working our extra gigs will pay for #2 and #3. Guess we are going to have to do some major saving to pay for #4 plus a vacation. Anyone else have a ton of work to do on their house?

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Mrs. Jones said...

Goodness, I feel you! We don't have work to do to the house, but we do have things we need to add, decorate, etc. after almost one year in our house. I feel like it will never be "done!" - GOOD LUCK!