Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a new addition

We have a new member that joined our family on Saturday. Meet Hudson. He was given this name by the pet rescue organization and we thought he should keep it. He was rescued from a puppy mill in Nashville where the had cut his vocal cords. We saw his profile on and his story broke our hearts. We had to make him part of our family.

He is very shy and timid of humans but he loves other dogs. If anyone has any suggestions on training him, we desperately need it. He is not trained to go outside. Actually he goes wherever he wants. He won't let us near him to try to pick him up or put a leash on him to take him outside. The only time he will let us pet him is when he is on the bed with us and even then he is very shy. Anyone have any suggestions?


Gracie Beth said...

I highly recommend getting the doggy pads with the attractor scent. This is how we finally house broke our rescue dog oreo. She was abused and would pee in the living room. She now goes outside. Also have you thought about getting him a crate so he has a "safe place?" Hope this helps!

Mrs. Jones said...

Aw sweet Hudson! I second the "safe place" thing. Is Hudson a Lhasa Apso? He looks like one from the picture. We have a Lhasa and she loves to have "her" blanket and toys.

MissBrightside said...

That is pitiful. I am so glad he has a good home with you.
I saw on "The Dog Whisperer" that if they are leery of you then you should just let him take his time. Sit on the floor and let him come up to you...don't try to pet him or pick him up.
If he will follow you outside, I would just make frequent trips out and praise him as you would any other puppy.
I hope he is better soon :O)

Mrs. Smith said...

So sweet!!!

I don't know how to help with the shy-ness, but I did see something about that on the Dog Whisperer once so I think you need to check that out.

As for the pottying troubles, try looking for "tinklebells" on Etsy. We used that and it help TREMENDOUSLY with training our Emma.

Basically: hang bells on the door you use to take the pup out. Jingle them every time you open the door to take him out. After time, show him how to jingle them... using his paw or nose. Then he'll start to jingle the bells when he needs to go out.

Best thing ever.

Mrs. Smith said...

Oh, and treats AT the door when he comes back in. Don't wait till you get him back in and dried off, etc. He'll forget what he did to earn it. Give him a treat immediately after pottying outside.

Rachel said...

Congrats on your new addition!