Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ebates, anyone?

If you purchase any items online, I hope you are using Ebates! If you are not, you need to sign up here.
Here's how it works- go to Ebates, click on type of product you are buying or search for a store. Let's say you want to purchase something from Target. Go to search and type in Target. Ebates will bring up all of Target's special coupons and when you purchase items you get a certain percentage of cash back! WHO DOESN'T WANT CASH BACK? The rebate will go to your ebates account and then Ebates will deposit the cash into your paypal account on a certain day. That is it! It is too easy! I purchased a flight by going to ebates and then clicking on orbitz and purchasing a ticket. Ebates has tons of websites that offer cash back and some free shipping. Check it out!

To sign up for ebates, click here!

1 comment:

The Beaudoins said...

ebates is the BEST. I make a substantial amount back each year!