Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New hair!

Since I have moved back to Memphis from Knoxville, I have gone to a different salon every time I get my hair done. I found a place I liked, but it soon became too expensive for me. Last year before my wedding I found ....Daniel Shay's Hair Studio. and Casey, who does the most amazing things to my hair. For me to come home and my husband to notice my hair and just tell me how great it looks, I knew I had found a winner. They are located on Germantown Pkwy in Memphis between Germantown and Cordova.

Casey does the most amazing job! I always feel so sassy when I leave because I know my hair looks hot! The only thing I wish is that she could do my hair everyday!

Here is a before pic and and after pic (sorry, no makeup today)



Big difference, right?! Love my new hair!


Anonymous said...

Love your new hair. The color is great and your highlights look natural. Great change. Have a great week = )

Ashley said...

I really like your new do! :)

SouthernBelleJM said...

That's where I get my hair done!!! I go to April.