Monday, December 1, 2008

103 days...

This is the chapel at Mandalay Bay where I am getting married! Isn't it gorgeous?

Plane tickets have been bought ..check.. hotel rooms have been reserved..check..

So I think the hardest part of this wedding planning process is deciding what to do with my hair! Any suggestions for a halter neckline? We still have to decide where to go and eat after the wedding. There are plenty of restaurants but we don't want to spend$120 a person to eat dinner. I guess I will be doing some research on finding a location and a decent menu. Music has been picked out for the ceremony and purple calla lilies will be the flowers for the wedding.

My to do list -

1. Decide hair style and decide who will do it

2. Write processonal for wedding coordinator

3. Make programs

4. pick out restaurant and menu

5.and I who know what else I am missing....



Tara Gibson said...

gorgeous venue! ahhh wedding planning is so fun!
Hair- i think you should alter your normal hair routine just a bit, you want to look like yourself.. So maybe half way up?

ps.. sadie is a schnoorkie (half yorkie/mini schnauzer)


That chapel IS gorgeous!!